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NEW! JUMBO Nothing Inside Worth Dying For - 12" x 18" Alum

NEW! JUMBO Nothing Inside Worth Dying For - 12" x 18" Alum


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NEW! JUMBO Nothing Inside Worth Dying For - 12" x 18" Alum

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Quick Overview

Many of you have been waiting for our new Jumbo signs - and they're finally here. They have the same 3M brand engineering grade prismatic reflective that is on our S-Series signs, but they are made using the same .080 thickness aluminum you'll find in your state and federal road signs. They have two pre-drilled 3/8" holes at the top center and the bottom center for mounting to a pole or you can drill new holes in the corners to mount to any flat surface capable of holding this heavy aluminum panel.

These are perfect for ranch and farms, in fact any property where you want to be taken seriously. They look fantastic and they'll give you years of service. And YES, it's true that most of our customers on our waiting list for these are planning on 'ventilating' them with their favorite rifle round. If you do shoot them, do so in a safe and legal manner and by all means, PLEASE send us a picture of your customized, 'ventilated' new sign!

NOTE: New Jumbo's DO NOT include a stake. These signs are heavy and need significant support if they are not mounted to a solid surface or gate. If you're mounting them on a pole, think Stop Sign size pole if they're going to be placed in the elements.

Model # STW-2SL

3M Brand Engineering Grade Reflective Surface

Perfect for Acreage / Farms and Large Properties

Sign Panel Size: 12"w x 18"h - **PANEL ONLY**

Heavy .080 aluminum panel (like D.O.T. street signs)

Two pre-drilled holes - top and bottom center

Proudly Made in the U.S.

100% Money Back Guarantee

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